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Today we manufacture all range of forming fabrics (for wet-end section) and advanced woven dryer screens and spirally linked dryer Screens (for dryer section) sourcing raw material-monfilament yarns from Europe for sophisticated, wide and high-speed paper machines producing all grades from writing-printing to kraft variety to duplex boards. We also have full range of stainless steel sieve mesh being used on cylinder mould paper machines, fiber cement mills and in pulp mill operations

The company has also established its name in the supply of Dandy roll, Dandy bracket system, water-marks for Dandy rolls, cleaning showers, nozzles & auto-guides.

Today, Shalimar Wires Industries Limited is a professional, leading manufacturer of all ranges of paper machine clothings in India with seven numbers of sales branches operating in different zones of country and also recognized as Export House in the eastern Region with export of Paper Machine Clothing and other products to many customers of repute.

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A Brief History

Shalimar Wires Industries Limited can look back on almost six decades of vast company tradition. Renowned Industrialist & Visionary, Mr. S.N.Khaitan was the founder of the company. Established in 1962 in uttarpara with Registered Office in Kolkata in the eastern state of West Bengal, the objective was to provide import substitution to the Indian Paper Industry which was then totally dependent on imports for all its vital & significant paper machine clothings

In early years, the company had collaboration with United Wires (UK), Tammet OY (Finland), Sinclairs (USA) and Ri-Tilliers (France) to manufacture Forming Fabrics & SS Dandy Roll System.

Logisti Group is a representative logistics operator providing full range of ser of customs clearance and transportation worl.

Jessya Inn

Co Founder

Our Leadership

Leadership in business is the capacity of a company's management to set and achieve challenging goals, take fast and decisive action when needed, outperform the competition, and inspire others to perform at the highest level they can.

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Bruce Roberts

Team Officer

Bruce Roberts

Team Officer

Bruce Roberts

Team Officer

Bruce Roberts

Team Officer

Bruce Roberts

Team Officer

Why Us ?

Quality & Customer Service

Our Quality & Customer Service Department in collaboration with Product Development has been engineering innovative products as per the need and requirements of the dynamic paper industry

Quality Standards

The high quality standards of our products have earned the appreciation and trust of many highly competitive markets

Qualification & Experience

A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals work with customers to provide solutions for individual machines and paper making needs.

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